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Master advisors


Name: Min HUANG

Title: Professor, Ph.D.

Department: Department of Automatio

Business Address: C509, School of IoT Engieering, Lihu Ave. 1800, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214122, P.R.China

Work Phone: 86-510-85910635

E-mail: huangmzqb@163.com

Major for postgraduate application:   Control Science and Engineering,

Electronic Communication Engineering

Education background

Sep. 2004 Ph.D. in  Control Theory and Control Engineering,

Northeastern University, Shenyang, China;

Apr. 1999 Master of Power Electronics and Drives,

Liaoning Technical University, Fuxin, China;

July 1996  Bachelor of Automation,

Liaoning Technical University, Fuxin, China

Professional Experience

Nov. 2013 Professor, School of IoOT Engineering, Jiangnan University, China;  

Dec. 2013Dec. 2014        Visiting Scholar,   ARS-USDA, USA;

June 2006Oct. 2013        Associate Professor, School of IoT Engineering, Jiangnan University,


July 2018July 2019         Visiting Scholar, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural

Engineering, Michigan State University, USA;  

Oct. 2004 – May 2006        Lecture, School of IoT Engineering, Jiangnan University, China;

July 1999 –Aug. 2001       Engineer: Dongyu Technology Institute, Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Agricultural informatization;

Advanced optical detecting technology for quality evaluation of agricultural products;

Image processing and soft sensing technology based on machine learning;

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on nondestructive detection of low-temperature meat products using Raman scattering imaging technology (PI, 2018-2021);

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on crop purity inspecting technology using hyperspectral imaging (PI, 2012-2016);

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Automatic detection of fruit internal quality based on hyperspectral image technology (PI, 2009-2011);

Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province: Automatic detection of seed purity using hyperspectral image (PI, 2011-2014);

Academic Achievement

1. Huang Min, Zhang Min. Hand book of food powders-Processes and properties (Chapter 20, Tea and coffee powders), Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013, 513-531.

2. Huang Min, Zhu Qibing. Hand of book drying of vegetables and vegetable products (Chapter 17, Nondestructive measurement of quality parameters of vegetables during drying by optical sensing technology), CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2017, 429-453.

3. Guo Tengfei, Huang Min*, Zhu Qibing, Guo Ya, Qin Jianwei. Hyperspectral image-based multi-feature integration for TVB-N measurement in pork. Journal of Food Engineering, 2018, 218(2): 61-68. (SCI: 000413386200007);

4. Tan Bing, Huang Min*, Zhu Qibing, Guo Ya, Qin Jianwei. Detection and correction of laser induced spectroscopy spectral background based on spline interpolation method. Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 2017, 138(12): 64-71. (SCI: 000418974600011)

5. Tan Bing, Huang Min*, Zhu Qibing, Guo Ya, Qin Jianwei. Decomposition and correction overlapping peaks of LIBS using an error compensation method combined with curve fitting. Applied Optics, 2017, 56(25): 7116-7122. (SCI: 000409025800016 );

6. Wang Wei, Huang Min*, Zhu Qibing. Predicting apple firmness and soluble solids content based on hyperspectral scattering imaging using Fourier series expansion. Transactions of the ASABE, 2017, 60(4): 1048-1062. (SCI: 000408589300005)

7. Huang Min, Kim Moon S.*, Chao Kuanglin, Qin Jianwei, Mo Changyeun, Esquerre Carlos, Delwiche Stephen, Zhu Qibing. Penetration depth measurement of near-infrared hyperspectral imaging light for milk powder. Sensors, 2016, 16(441): 1-11. (SCI: 000375153700021);

8. Huang Min*, Tang Jinya, Yang Bao, Zhu Qibing. Classification of maize seeds of different years based on hyperspectral imaging and model updating. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2016, 122: 139-145. (SCI: 000371944900016);

9. Huang Min, Kim Moon S.*, Delwiche Stephen R., Chao Kuanglin, Qin Jianwei, Mo Changyeun, Esquerre Carlos, Zhu Qibing. Quantitative analysis of melamine in milk powders using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging and band ratio. Journal of Food and Engineering, 2016, 181: 10-19. (SCI: 000374357400002);

10. Huang Min*, He Chujie, Zhu Qibing, Qin Jianwei. Maize seed variety classification using the integration of spectral and image features combined with feature transformation based on hyperspectral imaging. Applied Sciences, 2016, 6(6): 183(1-12).(SCI: 000379928200025)

11. Huang Min, Zhao Weiyan, Wang Qingguo, Zhang Min*, Zhu Qibing. Prediction of moisture content uniformity using hyperspectral imaging technology during the drying of maize kernel. International Agrophysics, 2015, 29(1):39-46. (SCI: 000349559200005);

12. Huang Min*, Wang Qingguo, Zhu Qibing, Huang Ge. Review of seed quality and safety tests using optical sensing. Seed Science and Technology, 2015, 43(3):337-366. (SCI: 000369044700001);

13. Huang Min, Wang Qingguo, Zhang Min*, Zhu Qibing. Prediction of color and moisture content for vegetable soybean during drying using hyperspectral imaging technology. Journal of Food Engineering, 2014, 128:24-30. (SCI: 000331855000004);

14. Huang Min*, Ma Yanan, Zhu Qibing, Huang Ge, Bu Yinpei. Hyperspectral image-based feature integration for insect-damaged hawthorn detection. Analytical Methods, 2014,6(19):7793-7800. (SCI: 000342178500029);

15. Ma Yanan, Huang Min*, Yang Bao, Zhu Qibing. Automatic threshold method and optimal wavelength selection for insect-damaged vegetable soybean detection using hyperspectral images. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2014, 106: 102-110. (SCI: 000340141500011);

16. Huang Min, Wan Xiangmei, Zhang Min*, Zhu Qibing. Detection of insect-damaged vegetable soybeans using hyperspectral transmittance image. Journal of Food Engineering, 2013, 116(1):45-49. (SCI: 000315421400007);

17. Huang Min*, Zhu Qibing, Wang Bojin, Lu Renfu. Analysis of hyperspectral scattering images using locally linear embedding algorithm for apple mealiness classification. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2012, 89: 175-181. (SCI: 000311245300019);

18. Wang Shuang, Huang Min*, Zhu Qibing. Model fusion for prediction of apple firmness using hyperspectral scattering image. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2012, 80: 1-7. (SCI: 000299714900001)

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