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Master advisors


Yu Guo  


Department of Electronic Engineering

School of Internet of Things Engineering

Joint Department: 2016

Email: guoyu@jiangnan.edu.cn

Phone: +86-158-6159-7861

Education background:

Bachelor r's degree, Supervisor: Zhenya Lei, Department of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, Shaanxi province, China, 2004/9—2008/7

Master’s degree, Supervisor: Huai Gao, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China, 2008/9—2011/3.

Joint Ph.D degree, Supervisor: Guann-Pyng Li, School of electrical engineering and computer science, University of California, Irvine, USA ,2012/2—2015/2.

Ph.D degree, Supervisor: Xiaozhou Liu, School of PhysicsNanjing University, Nanjing, China, 2011/9—2015/12.

Social service:

IEEE Member

Chinese Institute of Electronics Member

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Radio frequency components and circuits design

Fiber sensing system and components design

1. Natural science foundation of China(61701195)Research on miniaturized electric tunable semiconductor filters based on photonic crystal theory (2018-2020) PI

2. Natural science foundation of Jiangsu province(BK20160190)Miniaturized multi-band tunable filter design and analysis (2016-2019). PI

3. the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (JUSRP11740): Design of analysis of compact configurable EBG filter (2017-2018). PI

4. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2017M621710): Research on compact high quality factor tunable filter for RF front-end (2018-2020). PI

5. Jiangsu Postdoctoral Science Foundation (1701119B): Research on demodulation of FBG sensors based on photonic integrated laser array (2017-2019). PI

6. Project: Research on RF filter for satellite communication (2016-2019). PI

7. JWKJW project: fiber sensing system design (2017-2019). CO-PI

Research Status

During his stay at University of California, Irvine, he worked on analysis and design of electromagnetic bandgap materials for tunable and configurable filters. He filed two records of invention with UC Irvine’s Applied Innovation office and one of them is published as an US patent. Be invited to join Jiangnan University in 2016, Dr. Guo focused on the design and analysis of radio frequency components including filters, antennas, power dividers and etc. On the other hand, he researched on design of wireless fiber sensing system utilizing self-made components. He was chosen as one of the key members for national projects working on design of fiber sensing system for ships and aircraft sensing.

Postgraduate Student Education

² M.Phil in Electrical Engineering: Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

² MSc in Electrical Engineering: Integrated Circuit Engineering

Research direction: Design of integrated circuits and systems;

Device physics, process, material;

Design and application of microelectronics systems

Academic Achievement

[1] Yu Guo, Sungjun Kim, Xiaozhou Liu, Huai Gao, Guann-Pyng Li, “A Compact Configurable EBG Filter on PCB”, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 20155(5): 668–674, SCI

[2] Yu Guo, Xiaozhou Liu, Haodong Wu, Shanwen Hu, Guojun Wang, Guann-Pyng Li, “A Compact Customizable Tunable EBG Filter”, IEICE Electronics Express, 201613(2): 20150990, SCI

[3] Yu Guo, Shanwen Hu, Xiaozhou Liu, Haodong Wu, Guojun Wang, Guann-Pyng Li, “A Compact and  Customizable  Operation  Frequency  Filter for Broadband Applications”, IEICE Electronics Express,201512(6): 1620150576, SCI

[4] Yu Guo, Kexue Sun, Xiaozhou Liu, Haodong Wu, Guojun Wang, G.P. Li, “A Compact Configurable Dual-Band Bandpass Filter”, IEICE Electronics Express, 201512(23): 20150931, SCI

[5] Yu Guo, Yi Ni, Haodong Wu, Zhiguo Yu, Guann-Pyng Li, “A Compact Triple-Band Bandpass Filter with Customizable Frequencies”, IEICE Electronics Express201613(19), pp. 20160723, SCI

[6] Guo Yu, Yao Huixuan, Wu Haodong, “A novel algorithm based on DFB tunable laser array for demodulation of FBG sensors”, IEICE ELECTRONICS EXPRESS, 2017, 14(20), pp. 20170955, SCI

[7] 郭瑜,朱星盈,倪屹,王娟,李岱林. 应用于三向FBG应变传感器的温度补偿技术[J].激光与光电子学进展,2018,55(05):050602.

[8] Huixuan Yao, Yi Ni, Yu Guo, Xiangfei Chen, Yixuan Qin, Demodulation method of sensor based on tunable distributed feedback laser diode, OPTICAL ENGINEERING201655(10)106126, SCI

[9] Li Dailin, Ni Yi, Guo Yu, Efficient demodulation algorithm for fiber Bragg grating strain sensor, OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2017, 56(11):117108, SCI

[10] Ni Yi, Qin Xuanyi, Yao Huixuan, Guo Yu, Chen Xiangfei, A high efficient method for demodulation of FBG sensors, OPTICAL FIBER TECHNOLOGY, 2017, 38, 70-74, SCI

[11] Yu Guo, Dongxu Liu, Lizhi Sun, Huai Gao, Guann-Pyng Li, “A Compact Integrated Frequency Configurable Filter on PCB”, IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference2015IEEE 65th, 2211–2216

[12] Zhenxing Yu, Jun Feng, Yu Guo, “A novel ultra-broadband, power combining millimeter wave mixer”. 2014 IEEE 15th Annual Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON),20141 – 3

[13] Wenlan Chen, Yu Guo, Huai Gao, G.P. Li. “A novel ultra-wideband microwave chaotic Colpitts oscillator”. 2013 IEEE 14th Annual Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON), 1 – 4

[14] 郭瑜,张景辉,李岱林,余涛,一种微型可重构的电可调谐电磁带隙滤波器,2017,中国,ZL201710219842.X (已公开)

[15] G.P.Li, Yu Guo,Operation Frequency Band Customizable and Frequency Tunable Filters and Dual-band Bandpass Filter with EBG Substrate2016,美国,US 20160134253 A1. (已公开)

[16] 高怀,张晓东,胡善文,郭瑜,滑育楠,提高功率放大器线性度及功率附加效率的电路结构,2010,中国, ZL201010160758.3

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