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Master advisors



Qigao Fan

Associate Professor

Electrical Engineering with the Department of Automation

Joined Department: 2013

Email: qgfan@jiangnan.edu.cn

URL: http://iot.jiangnan.edu.cn/info/1060/1643.htm

Phone: +86-13093091872

Education Background

Bachelor of Control and Instrumentation, the China University of Mining Technology, Xuzhou, China, 2008;

Master of Control and Instrumentation, the China University of Mining Technology, Xuzhou, China, 2010;

Ph.D. in Mechatronic Engineering, the China University of Mining Technology, Xuzhou, China, 2013.

Social Service

Senior Member of China Mechanical Engineering Society;

Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering;

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "New Energy Generation and Control Technology".

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Robotics, Intelligent Sensing Technologies

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on the Theory and Method of New Inertial Cooperative Measurement for Mine Moving Target Tracking (2015-2017);

Project supported by the National Science Foundation for Post-Doctoral Scientists of China: Research on Coupling Filtering Model for Inertial Collaborative Tracking of Moving Targets in Complex Enclosed Spaces (2016-2017);

Jiangsu Postdoctoral Research Funding Project “3D Motion Tracking Data Processing and Accuracy Optimization in a Closed Environment” (2016-2017).

Honors and Awards

Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of China Federation of Commerce, Key Technologies and Industrialization of Composite Coating Weaving Products Intelligent Production Line (2017);

Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of China Light Industry Association, Key Techniques and Industrialization of Isothermal Heat Treatment of Steel Wire Induction Heating Water Bath Based on Data Driven Technology (2017);

China Business Federation Science and Technology Award: Key technology and industrialization of intelligent steel wire induction heating water mist isothermal heat treatment equipment (2016);

China Mechanical Engineering Society, Shangyin Excellent Mechanical Doctoral Dissertation Award (2014).

Academic Achievement

1. Fan Qigao. Research on Equipment Location and Task Coordination in the Control of “Three Machines” for Fully Mechanized Coal Faces. Xuzhou: Doctoral Dissertation, China University of Mining and Technology, 2013.6.

2. Fan Qigao, Sun Biwen, Sun Yan, Zhuang Xiangpeng. Performance Enhancement of MEMS-Based INS/UWB Integration for Indoor Navigation Applications[J]. IEEE Sensors Journal, 17(10):3116-3130, 2017.

3. Fan Qigao, Sun Biwen, Sun Yan, Wu Yaheng, Zhuang Xiangpeng. Data Fusion for Indoor Mobile Robot Positioning Based on Tightly Coupled INS/UWB[J]. Journal of Navigation, 70(5): 1079-1097, 2017.

4. Fan Qigao, Wu Yaheng, Hui Jing, Wu Lei, Yu Zhenzhong, Zhou Lijuan. Integrated navigation fusion strategy of INS/UWB for indoor carrier attitude angle and position synchronous tracking[J]. The Scientific World Journal, 2014(7):1-13, 2014.

5. Fan Qigao, Li Wei Hui, Jing, Wu Lei, Yu Zhenzhong, Yan Wenxu, Zhou Lijuan. Integrated positioning for coal mining machinery in enclosed underground mine based on SINS/WSN, The Scientific World Journal, 2014(1):1-12, 2014.

6. Fan Qigao, Wu Yaheng, Sun Biwen, Zou Xiaoyu. Discrete-time sliding mode observer for sensorless control of brushless DC motor[J]. Journal of Computational Information Systems, v11, n13, p4941-4950, July 1, 2015.

7. Fan Qigao, Wu Yaheng, Yu Zhenzhong, Task coordination control modeling for coal machinery based on generalized partial global planning[J], Journal of Computational Information Systems, v11, n2, p 501-513, January 15, 2015.

8. Fan Qigao, Li Wei, Luo Chengming. Error analysis and reduction for shearer positioning using the strapdown inertial navigation system[J]. International Journal of Computer Science Issues, 9(5), 49-54, 2012.

9. Fan Qigao, Li Wei, Wang Yuqiao, Yang Xuefeng. A Dynamic Locating Method of Shearer Using Strapdown Inertial Navigation[J]. China Coal Journal,36(10):1758-1761,2011

10. Fan Qigao, Li Wei, Wang Yuqiao, Fan Mengbao, Yang Xuefeng. A Memory Cutting Algorithm for Shearer Using Grey Markov Combination Model[J]. Journal of Central South University,42(10):3054-3058.2011

11. Fan Qigao, Li Wei, Wang Yuqiao, Yang Xuefeng, Ye Guo. Study on control strategy for intelligent height adjusting system of shearer[J]. Mining Science and Technology, 20(8):1176~1181, 2010.

12. Fan Qigao, Li Wei, Wang Yuqiao, Yang Xuefeng. Shearer memory cutting strategy research basing on GRNN[C].2010 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling.November,1:96~99, Taiyuan, 2010.

13. Fan Qigao, Sun Biwen, Wu Yaheng. Tightly Coupled Model for Indoor Positioning based on UWB/INS[J]. International Journal of Computer Science Issues, 12(4):11-16, 2015.

14. Fan Qigao, Sun Yan, Wu Yaheng, Sun Biwen. DSMO Sensorless Control of BLDCM Based on Exponential Approach Law[J]. International Journal of Computer Science Issues, 12(6):38-42, 2015.

15. Fan Qigao, Sun Yuwen, Yu Zhenzhong, Wu Yaheng. Design and analysis of a new pseudo-four degree-of-freedom parallel robot[J]. Mechanical Design & Manufacturing, 45(11):78-82, 2015.

16. Sun Weiwen, Fan Qigao, Wu Yaheng, Sun Yan. Foot-binding pedestrian navigation technology based on PDR/UWB tight coupling[J]. Sensors and Microsystems, 2017 , 36(3)43~47.

17. Sun Yan, Fan Qigao, Sun Weiwen, Zhuang Xiangpeng. Pedestrian path estimation based on improved heading estimation[J]. Sensors and Microsystems, 2018, 37(1)29~31.

18. Li Wei, Fan Qigao, Wang Yuqiao, Yang Xuefeng. Adaptive height adjusting strategy research of shearer cutting drum[J]. Acta Montanistica Slovaca,16(1):114-122, 2011.

19. Li Wei, Luo Chengming, Yang Hai, Fan Qigao. Memory cutting of adjacent coal seams based on a hidden Markov model[J]. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2014, 7(12):5051-5060.

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22. Su Xiuping, Li Wei, Fan Qigao, Research on sliding mode variable structure control strategy for shearer height adjustment of shearer[J]. Journal of China Coal Industry University,37(12):2107-2111, 2012.

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