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International Exchange

Relying on "Industrial Process Intelligent Control Innovation and Talent Recruitment Base", our School of Internet of Things Engineering actively create a multi-disciplinary and integrated international exchange and cooperation platform, and carry out multi-level and multi-form academic exchange activities with domestic (overseas) scientific research institutes and universities. In this way, we have gradually improved our international academic influence and academic participation.

The world renowned experts are invited for more than 60 times annually, to fully promote advanced communication, scientific and technological cooperation, joint training, and teacher training. Based on such deep cooperation, we have established Jiangnan University Process Control China-Canada International Joint Laboratory, "Pattern Recognition and Computational Intelligence” China-UK International Joint Laboratory. About 30 thesis with international cooperation have been publicized. We have hosted the 2014 Pacific Optimization Conference (POC2014), DCABES2015, IEEE Wuxi Smart City Pilot Launch Ceremony Internet of Things Application International Expert Consultation Conference, China-Canada Process Control Forum, and other international conferences or academic forums. Among them, Jiangnan Process Control Forum has been formed, with excellent academic reputation.

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